Last but not least.

This are my last photos from my trip to San francisco to Los angeles California. i went to the walt disney concert hall and also i had the bless to visit the Gagosian gallery in Beverly hills wich has an INEZ & VINOODH exhibition , and that was my favorite part of the whole trip.

Estas son mis últimas fotos de mi viaje a San Francisco-Los angeles CALI. Fui a la sala de conciertos de walt disney y también tuve la bendición de visitar la galería Gagosian de Beverly hills,la cual tiene una exposición de Inez & Vinoodh, y esa fue mi parte favorita de todo el viaje.

Me Kissing Vinoodh (Passionately), 1999
Chromogenic print on plexiglass
43 5/8 x 97 inches (110.8 x 246.4 cm)


i was wearing:





Little bite of china in town.

Hey there today i was spending time at china town San franscisco ca. and i was very excited to meet that place in san francisco because it is one of the most popular places to visit , but actually i am not really into the chinesse culture , but i do respect their culture mores and i adore the way they dress in past, present and future. more pictures about this trip soon.
Thanks for visit!!!

' Stroked by luck'

Yesterday was awesome , my twin and i went to the house of blues to see foals! it was my second time at a show of them! and i realize that those guys really know how to rock a show!, so it was sold out and we were trying to get tickets so desperately and at the end the tickets get to us so easily :) because some cool boys give us his tickets, so much beautiful people around there.
This is how i look when i rock at a live show! in downtown san diego California! feeling blessed !


This time it's going to be a little bit different , this post it's about sharing , sharing art or at least it's for me , fashion = art , which means is free . As a fashion student, we have to keep working all the time we never stop! and i want to share all that work , ideas and fashion views of my classmates and mine too , that way we can leak out all of our ideas and statements about fashion on these days and on future times. well i'll start with a fashion collection of a pretty girl named Mariela Alexandra from Guadalajara Jalisco , Mexico.
too much talent to show !

Collection : Fabula
Description: This collection tries to show us about the big issue of how the human being is destroying nature and the close relationship between them , all this it's being reflected on the clean and fresh silhouettes attached to the structured pieces with bulky details, adding some kind of unusual fabrics like plastic , vinyl in all different sizes , chiffon and silk .
Inspiration: The relationship between humanity and nature , the strong issue of the human being as a destroyer of his own nature and earth. as reference the designer mentioned the book "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson .

Double Trouble

I always have an amazing time when she is around , this girl who i'm talking about is my twin sister and is also the pretty girl behind my photos.
My partner in trouble and my soulmate , we both share our creative skills based on art , fashion , photography , filming just to make this cool thing happen and have a good time :)