Dressed up to the eyes...

This how i look when i am chillin' around at san diego , cali , im having an amazing weekend right now.
i hope that you too :)

Downtown LA !

And this is how i roll it into LA streets this past weekend , i would say kind of ingenious outfit with too much of me on it!

California gurls.

Hey there i am finally in love with summer and i do not want it to get over ! but we are almost there.
i spent my weekend in Los Angeles , CA. it was so much fun and now i have a lot of good memories of this trip , these are some pictures of venice beach @ LA , kinda my favorite beach in cali so far :)
i have more from LA to share so stay tuned !! Thanks for visit.

Walking down the streets...

Walking down the streets keeping hush hush on the scene , No one knows you is such a mystery...
Here i am missing around for a little while , and about to leave my town and go on a trip to Los Angeles , CA. for an adventurous weekend !

From the valley of the jungle...

Hey there the summer it's getting wonderful for me , hopefully for you too! So this is me trying to escape from the heat with a casual and fresh outfit !!!

feel free to leave a cmmt :)

Uptown girl...

" She's been living in her uptown world
I bet she never had a back street guy
I bet her mama never told her why... "

I've been singing this song since monday ! I love it; it reminds me of my childhood.
Childhood, what kind of girl never felt that way? like an uptown girl and playing around all the time.

Friday i'm in love

hey there i'm back , i was very sick all these days :(, but you know what " it's friday i'm in love! "and the weekend just start! so this is me saying hi and wishing you a great weekend :) !