I'm starting to say " HI TO THE SUMMER ", i wasn't that excited 'about the summer but is here and the weather is getting hotter and hotter in where i live. So for me it is time to get out all my denim shorts , dresses and all clothes that keep me fresh from the heat ! hopefully you are doin' better with the weather!
Here some pictures of my little walk into the woods.

THE illustrators

I want to share all the fashion illustrators that inspires me to keep trying to get better with my technique, one by one i am going to make my own version of their illustrations as a quiz, just  for practice!

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Insane in the membrane

My sister and i were looking for places to take some good photos , and we found this random wasteland , it was pretty awesome there ! but also you can feel the awkward silence around the place , we were a little scared but shhh!nothing that we can't handle , so here it is the final results.
Thanks for pass by :)